Some of my projects that aren’t in the blog.

30 Day Map Challenge Gallery (2019)
A gallery of all the maps created on Twitter for #30DayMapChallenge. There were so many fantastic creations and I felt they ought to be preserved for posterity in some form or another.
STV Elections in New Zealand (2019)

Animations of Single Transferable Vote elections, and an attempt to collate the detailed counting data in one place.

30 Day Map Challenge (2019)

People on Twitter tried to make 30 maps in a month and I tried to tag along. After a late start (finishing the STV animations) I managed 9 maps in the last half of the month.

NZ Election Visualisation 2017

Various visualisations of results from the 2017 general election in New Zealand - dumbbells of party gains/losses relative to the previous election, hexagonal cartograms of electorate results, and a foray into 3d hexagons. It’s also a nice use of flexdashboard.

Since the blog was having a snooze it got its own GitHub repository.

NZ Election Visualisation 2014

Hexagonal cartograms of the 2014 general election results. This was before the blog and (my use of) GitHub, so I published them using Google Drive. Now that Google has killed that functionality they can live in perpetuity thanks to GitHub.

Source repo


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